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I just did it…. and it was so easy!
I just did a 5-min declutter and challenged my wife to do the same. She’s at work right now so it’ll be a little while, but here’s what she’ll see when she gets home (please be kind with respect to my spelling mistake… I did correct it after all).

challengeIt’s a full plastic bag and an as-yet unused plastic bag with a challenge to fill written (rather clumsily) on it. This is thanks to another little friendly push from “The 4-hour Work Week” having to do with decluttering and non-procrastination (Have I mentioned that I’m a pretty bad procrastinator?).

Not tackling things like this, that have driven me crazy for a long time, because there isn’t sufficient time to do a “full job” is a fairly common affair for me. “No sense starting if I can’t finish, right!?” Yet I will tell my kids, (chest sticking out pretending to be super-dad)… “OK guys, 8-min cleanup (complete with kitchen stove timer) before mom gets home.” and am always amazed at the results. (8-min is often chosen because it’s more than 5-min – so I get more mileage out of them, yet less than 10-min which borders on slave labour in their eyes… also note my “-our” in “labour” … yes, I’m Canadian and that’s how we spell it here… along with colour & neighbour).

So anyway… applying this near idyllic solution to myself (minus the stove timer), I attacked the 4 drawers to my dresser, my closet and “sweater shelf” and within just a few minutes, had a small pile to go to the trash (no more painting clothes for me… will have to make new ones) and one very stuffed bag to go to Value Village (for American readers, it’s like your ‘goodwill stores’), a donation-based store where  proceeds go to charity and people get steal-deals.

Everyone wins.

Although really… I think we win more, because we get to put up with less clutter, we have even a teeny-tiny sense of accomplishment and that will just improve when my wife gets home and discovers that I’ve not just sat home doing nothing in her absence. Yes!!

This useless window into my world has been brought to you by our sponsor (I wish), “The 4-Hour Work Week”. (note: the word ‘sponsor’, even in Canada is spelled with an ‘-or’ … not an ‘-our’. Don’t try to figure it out.