I arrived at the Dr’s office on time, but Kieran was in the waiting room wreaking havoc and sending blood pressure up all ’round: visiting other Dr’s inner sanctums, showing infants in car-carriers his Cars helmet (a little too closely for most parents’ comfort), and when asked discreetly whether I’d mind if he was sent in before me, I was completely OK with it. I remember having a 2 1/2 year old as well.

In the meantime, I remember that I’ve recently downloaded the WordPress app for my iPhone. I never thought I’d ever really blog on my phone, rather, I thought I’d use it to check comments, stats, etc., but now I’ve got time on my hands, Let’s see how this goes…

I got a new toy not too long ago and used it the other day while on a beach walk. The Ollo Clip is a very cool little 3-lens combo that slides over iPhone’s camera lens. It gives a wide angle, a macro and a fish-eye capability to your iPhone-tography.

The one and only hiccup (in my case) is that the screen protector that I got with my phone is just thick enough (and it’s not real thick) that the lens pushes it back and I have to flatten it back out when done with Ollo. It goes down OK but just leaves air-bubbles – offending my “picky-sense”.

With the macro lens (used for these pictures) you have to get surprisingly close to the subject (within an inch or so), but look at the result.

I’ve come a long way. Back in the 80’s I bought an $800 Pentax SF10 camera & several lenses (not much for a great package nowadays, but back then…) and when digital first came out I was a bit of a film snob… leery about ever going digital.

That old Pentax, however, hasn’t been out of the bag for at least 10 years. I do have a Canon digital SLR as well, but even that doesn’t get used a great deal anymore… iPhone is just too convenient.

That there is now the capability, thanks to Ollo Clip, to vary up the output somewhat, means that iPhone just got a bit cooler.

So Kieran made out fine and as I wait for a final few minutes, the waiting room has sunk back into a calm quiet that is almost peaceful. Here’s to iPhone. Here’s to Ollo Clip. And here’s to Kieran for enticing me to blog via phone!!