A visiting child, A beautiful day,
Gonna play the late afternoon away,

A hot cup of coffee, a chair on the beach,
Many a memory within easy reach,

Some go in my pocket, some stay where they’re at,
Some are kept in my memory, imagine that!

Though not just the memory, inside my head,
They go, too, in my iPhone 4S instead.

For I want to show you, I want you to see,
The appeal of the ocean floor’s; its beauty.

Just look at this glass, the pebbles and rocks,
To describe it less the picture I simply could not.

Sea Glass - Bayshore Beach

Sea Glass – Bayshore Beach

As a child already, I remember hearing my grandfather speak of days spent at Bayshore Beach, but somehow I didn’t discover it myself until I was forty-two. One could perhaps forgive my ignorance had it been far away, but alas, it is only located with a fifteen minute drive of where I grew up and less than a five minute drive from a spot where I spent a great deal of time in my youth. What a discovery it was! …and oh the enjoyment that would come from it.

Bayshore Beach is a long sandy beach that is easily within walking distance of Fundy Heights and the Lower West Side. Back in the 1860’s there were often rowing competitions held there (See GNB’s history of the Kennebecasis Rowing Club) as Saint John was one of three cradles for the growing sport of rowing in North America (along with New York and Boston). Local businessman, publisher and municipal politician David Russell Jack even toyed with the idea of developing it as a resort, featuring surf-bathing, in the early 1900’s. Today though, you’d be in for a treat if you saw Tiffany, the swimming bull-mastiff, chase seals off of the rocks a short way out.

There primarily so that the kids could have some fun outside of the ‘hood… they played in the out-going tide while I read, snapped photos (with my iPhone and Ollo clip), and even took a nap.  It’s been a long time since I’ve napped on a beach (last time, I was eighteen and burnt to a crisp after having fallen asleep on a Fort Lauderdale beach in Florida) but what a great way to nap… the gentle lapping of the waves, fresh air and sun to your back.

Taking a peek around after that I was able to get a few more nice pics with the iPhone & Ollo clip. Again I say… what a cool little add-on to the iPhone. Between the reading, the nap and the meandering around looking for sea glass, shells and pebbles, you can see why I call it “Beach Therapy”.

Where do you go for your beach therapy?
… and what do you think of the pic above?  taken with the iPhone & Ollo…